Bihar Police

English, Hindi, General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, History, Geography, Political Science and Economy (Choose any Two Subjects)

General Science:-

Environment General Knowledge of Geographical Condition of Bihar Economic aspects General Knowledge of Political Condition of Bihar Major features of Indian Agriculture Indian History and Culture Major features of Natural Resources Community Development Indian Constitution and Polity Panchayati Raj Indian Geography Freedom Movement.


Comprehension Cloze Test Sentence Correction Antonyms Sentence Error Fill in the blanks Synonyms


Pronouns Translation of Sentences Nouns Adjectives Vocabulary Adverbs Grammar Synonyms One Word Substitution Antonyms


Time and Distance Fundamental Arithmetical operations Ration and Proportion Averages Permutations and Combinations Time and Work Mensuration Discount Profit and Loss Compound Interest Partnership Simple Interest Percentages Probability


Kinetic Theory of Gases Gravitation Physical World and Measurements Oscillations and Waves Properties of Bulk Matter Electromagnetic Waves Optics Motion of System Particles and Rigid Body Laws of Motion Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Kinematics Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents The behaviour of Perfect Gas Work, Energy and Power Electrostatics Heat and Thermodynamics Current Electricity


Paleontology Cell Biology Macromolecules Diffusion and Osmosis Homeostasis Evolution Immunology Chemistry in Biology Taxonomy Botany Virology Zoology Ecology


Measurement Acids and Bases Transition – Metal Chemistry Introduction to Biochemistry Solubility and Complex – Ion Equilibria Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Gas – Phase Reactions Introduction to Polymers Structure of the Atom Main-Group Metals Redox Reactions An Introduction to Ionic Compounds Reaction Mechanisms Introduction to Organic Chemistry The Chemistry of Nonmetals Intermolecular Forces Gases and Solutions Introduction to Materials Science The Covalent Bond Oxidation and Reduction Reactions Chemical Kinetics Chemical Thermodynamics Acid-Base Equilibria Electrochemistry Nuclear Chemistry Thermo chemistry The Structure of Solids Liquids Stoichiometry


Economic Development of Bihar and India Introduction Development Experience of India: A comparison with neighbors’ Statistical Tools and Interpretation Development Experience of Bihar: A comparison with other states Forms of Market and Price Determination Current Challenges Facing Economy of Bihar and India Consumer Behavior and Demand Development Policies and Experience (1947-90) Collection of Data Economic Reforms since- 1991 Determination of Income and Employment Introductory macroeconomics Organization of Data Government Budget and the Economy International Trade National Income and related aggregates Money and Banking Introductory Macroeconomics Presentation of Data Producer Behavior & Supply


Partition and Independence Pre-history and Proto-history The revolt of 1857 Three Ideologies and their mutual conflicts The Nationalist movements (1918 – 1947) Spread of Modernisation Ancient Civilizations The Indian awakening in the 19th century Visions of the new state Further changes or post-modernisation Ills of Modernity Indian History The Medieval Order Modernisation affirmed Sanity Vs Motivated politics The Pre-historic world Vehicles of modernization

Geography Topics:-

Biosphere Fundamentals of Physical Geography Hydrosphere (Water) oceans Man and Environment Fundamentals of Human Geography Geography as a discipline Earth and Climate Human Activities Transport, communication & Trade Landforms Human Settlement Economic Geography Resource Major Industries of the World Main Crops of the World

Political Science:-

State The Parliament State Executive Key Concepts Union Executives Foreign Policy of India Sovereignty Concept of politics National Integration and challenges State legislature Theories of the Origin of State Indian Judiciary Electoral Systems in India