Central Bank Of India


Computer Knowledge:-

Computer Basics Questions, Number System, History of Computer, Network basics (LAN & WAN), Computer abbreviation, Security Tools (Virus, Hacking), Software names and usages (Microsoft Office), Computer Shortcuts, Computer hardware parts and controls, Basic computer terminology, Basic internet knowledge and protocols


Indian Banking Industry, History, Role of Banking, Types of Banks, Functions of Banks, RBI and Monetary Policy, Main Functions, Instruments, RTGS, MSF, Types of Money, BASEL Committees, Credit Rating Agencies, Anti-Money Laundering, Devaluation, International Financial Institutions, Money Market in India, Money Market Concepts, FERA and FEMA, FDI and FII, Types of Negotiable Instruments, Types of Cheques, Capital Market in India, Primary Market, Secondary Market, Derivatives Market, Over the Counter Market, Public Finance, Concept of Budget, Financial and Railway Budget, Bills, Schemes and policies implemented by the Govt, Revenue of Central Govt., Taxes on Income and Expenditure, Revenue Deficit, Finance Commissions, National Income, Source of Income, Types of Goods, Some Macro Economic Indicators


Network Security Management, Secure Electronic Payment Systems, Information Security and Risk Management, Digital Crimes and Forensics Science, IT Security Metrics, Information Security – Lab