SGBAU Syllabus 2021 BA/B.Sc/Engineering (All Courses) – Download: Check SGBAU Syllabus PDF for B.SC/ B.Com/ MA/ Engg and other Programmes (Part 1, 2, 3) from here. Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University conducts semester wise/annual year examinations for UG/ PG/ Professional courses. Candidates will get the SGBAU Syllabus 2021 of all courses by following the basic instructions.

Compulsory English:-

All prose lessons from the prescribed text book PRUDENCE All poems from the prescribed text book- PRUDENCE Grammar based on strictly on the text book-PRUDENCE Communication Skill Business Economics Nature And Scope Of Economics Demand Production Function Market Structures Factor Pricing, Wages, Rent, Interest and Profit

Financial Accounting:-

Meaning and scope of Accounting Need Accounting Transactions Final Accounts of Individuals Depreciation Methods Special Accounting areas Insolvency Account of and individual Principles Of Business Management: Business – Meaning, Nature, Scope & Objectives Planning Organizing Directing Controlling

Computer Fundamentals And Operating System::-

Fundamentals of Computer Storage: Primary Storage Operating System: Concept of Operating System MS Word 2003/2007/Higher Ms PowerPoint 2003/2007/Higher Syllabus for M.Sc. (Computer Software) Semester I:

Design and Analysis of Algorithm::-

Divide and Conquer Greedy Methods, Optimal storage Dynamic Programming Basic search and traversal techniques Backtracking: General Method, the 8- Queens problem, backtracking: General Method, the 8- Queens problem

Operating System::-

General Overview of UNIX system kernel Advance VB.Net Web applications, Client / Server side script, DOM Web Services , COM components, Microsoft SOAP toolkit

.Net Technologies – I::-

ASP.Net: Introduction Debugging and Error Handling, Using Debugger VB.Net: Application Vs Web sites LAN: Types, Components of Lan, Ethernet Back Bone networks Network management Data Communication And Networking: Introduction: Definition and use of data Communication Digital transmission of digital data Security: need for computer security Master Card/Visa card Processing E-mail & Secure E-mail

Core Java::-

Fundamentals: History & features of Java Inheritance basics, Using super, Multilevel hierarchy, Method overriding Physical data base system DB Administration Free Open Source Software: Overview of Free/Open Source Software Configuring additional hardware – sound cards, displays & display cards Setting up a firewall Understanding the GNU Libc libraries and linker Qt Programming ; Gtk+ Programming ; Python Programming