Bihar State Co-operative Bank

There is no fixed syllabus for Bihar State Co-operative Bank Recruitment Exam. However, the exam mainly covers the following areas

Elementary Mathematics::-

Arithmetic (Number Theory): Number Systems Square Roots Cube Roots Fractions and Decimals H.C.F. and L.C.M Simplification Variation Chain Rule Ratio and Proportion Average Logarithms Additional Topics In Arithmetic: Ages Boats and Streams Clocks and Calendars Mixture and Alligation Pipes and Cisterns Races and Games Problems on Trains Unitary Method Time and Distance Time andWork Work and Wages Commercial Maths: Simple Interest Compound Interest Percentage Profit and Loss Partnership Discounts Mensuration- Areas and Volumes Area and Perimeter of Plane Figure Volume And Surface Area of Solid

Reasoning Ability::-

Verbal Tests: Reasoning Tests Analytical Reasoning Direction and Distance Test Linear Arrangement Test Complex Arrangement Test Analogy Test Classification (Odd Man Out) Test Coding-Decoding Test Series Test Blood Relationships Test Symbols and Notations Alphabet Test Data Sufficiency Test Data Interpretation Test Logic Tests: Syllogism Statements Assumptions Statements Arguments Statements Conclusions Statements Action Non-Verbal Tests: Problems Based on Symmetry Problems Based on Visual Ability Classification (Non-Verbal Tests) Series (Non-Verbal Tests) Analogy (Non-Verbal Tests)


English Grammar: English Vocabulary Synonyms Antonyms Analogies Spelling Mistakes English Proficiency Idioms and Phrases One Word Substitution Sentence Formation Sentence Completion Sentence Improvement Sentence Reconstruction Rearrangement of Words In Sentence Rearrangement of Sentence In Paragraph Paragraph Formation Paragraph Completion Fill in The Blanks Cloze Tests English Usage Errors Common Errors Spotting Errors Inappropriate Usage of Words Sentence Correction English Comprehension

.General Awareness:-

Computer Knowledge::-

History of Computer Development Generation of Computers Computer Introduction Types of Computer Computer Languages Computer Arithmetic Computer Hardware Input Devices Output Devices Storage Devices Computer Memory Computer Software System Software Application Software Database Management System Computer Network Internet Computer Security