Home Guard

The candidates wishing to apply for this job need to give the online examination which will be of 10+2 level. Many candidates will appear for this exam. The Selection process will cover two stages- (i) Written Exam(OMR Based) (ii) Physical Test PET/ PMT. Check the Bihar Home Guard Recruitment Syllabus & Exam Pattern below.

Hindi :-

Synonym. Decking, juice. Tatasam and Tdbhav. Formulation of a word for phrases. Antonyms, compound. Sentence modification - related to gender, speech, factor, tense, spelling, error. The evening Multiple words. Proverbs and Idioms


Preparing Note and writing a summary of a given passage Comprehension of unseen factual/imaginative passages (Short and long question-answer items) Reading of tales/ short story Reading of tales/ short stories / short plays Reading of informative pieces/essays Reading poems for enjoyment and understanding Free Composition on familiar/contemporary issues Various registers of English Translation from the mother tongue into English Grammatical items and structures: Precis of a given passage Comprehension of unseen imaginative passages/graph/chart/table (Short and long question-answer items) Reading of tales / short stories/ short plays Reading of Informative Pieces/essays Reading poems for enjoyment and understanding Free Composition on familiar/contemporary issues Various registers of English (Contd.) Translation from the mother tongue into English


Mensuration. Number System. Compound Interest. Discount. Ratio and Proportion. Geometry. Understanding Elementary Shapes. Symmetry. Quadrilateral. Negative Numbers and Integers. Fractions Exponents. Cube root. Profit & Loss. Algebra. Whole Numbers. Basic geometrical ideas (2-D). Introduction to Algebra. Constructions. Data handling. Statistics.


Pre-history, Proto-history, and History. The Pre-historic world. Ancient Civilizations. The Medieval Order. Vehicles of modernization. Modernisation affirmed. Ills of Modernity. Three Ideologies and their mutual conflicts. Sanity Vs Motivated politics. Further changes/ post-modernisation The Indian awakening in the 19th century The Nationalist movements (1918 – 1947) Partition and Independence Visions of the new state

Geography :-

Fundamentals of Physical Geography Geography as a discipline Earth Landforms Climate Hydrosphere (Water) oceans Biosphere Resource Man and Environment Main Crops of the World Major Industries of the World Fundamentals of Human Geography Nature and Scope People Human Activities Transport, communication & Trade Human Settlement

Civics :-

State Theories of the Origin of State Sovereignty Key Concepts Union Executives Parliament State Executive Concept of Politics The state legislature Indian Judiciary Electoral Systems in India Working of local self-government with special reference to Bihar National Integration and challenges Foreign Policy of India

Physics :-

Physical World & Measurement Kinematics Laws of Motion Work, Energy & Power The motion of the System of Particles & Rigid Body Gravitation Properties of Bulk Matter Heat & Thermodynamics The behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory of Gases Oscillations & Waves Electrostatics Current Electricity Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents Electromagnetic Waves 16 Optics Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Atoms & Nuclei Communication Systems


Introduction Collection, Organisation, and Presentation of Data Statistical Tools and Interpretation.

Economic Development:-

Development Policies and Experience (1947-90) Economic Reforms since- 1991 Current Challenges Facing the Economy of Bihar and India. Development Experience of Bihar: A comparison with other states Development Experience of India: A comparison with neighbours

Introductory microeconomics :-

Introduction Consumer Behaviour and Demand Producer Behaviour & Supply Forms of Market and Price Determination Simple applications of Tools of demand and supply Curves

Introductory macroeconomics :-

National Income and related aggregates Determination of Income and Employment Money and Banking Government Budget and the Economy. International Trade