NTA Delhi University

(A) Part I: Computer-based Examination Total questions in Paper I = 125 (100 from General Medicine and 25 from Pediatrics)

General Medicine:-

(i) Cardiology (ii) Respiratory diseases (iii) Gastro-intestinal (iv) Genito-Urinary (v) Neurology (vi) Hematology (vii) Endocrinology (viii) Metabolic disorders

Infections/Communicable Diseases:-

a) Virus b) Rickets c) Bacterial d) Spirochetal e) Protozoan f) Metazoan g) Fungus (x) Nutrition/Growth


(xi) Diseases of the skin (Dermatology) (xii) Musculoskeletal System (xiii) Psychiatry (xiv) General (xv) Emergency Medicine (xvi) Common Poisoning (xvii) Snakebite (xviii) Tropical Medicine (xix) Critical Care Medicine (xx) Emphasis on medical procedures 12 (xxi) Patho physiological basis of diseases (xxii) Vaccines preventable diseases and Nonvaccines preventable diseases (xxiii) Vitamin deficiency diseases