Top 10 Female-Oriented SSC Jobs in India

Introduction: What are SSC Jobs?

SSC stands for Staff Selection Commission. It is an Indian government agency. The commission is responsible for recruitment of civil servants in India.

The commission has been established under the Staff Selection Commission Act of 1975.

The SSC was established in 1975 to recruit staff for various posts in different ministries, departments and organizations of the Government of India. The SSC is an autonomous body with headquarters at New Delhi, India. It was set up by the Government of India under the Ministry of Personnel to conduct examinations and interviews to recruit candidates to various posts in Central Government Organizations and State Governments Departments, Boards and Corporations etc.

The SSC Jobs are available in various fields like banking, engineering, teaching, law enforcement, defence, Office Staff etc.

Top 10 Female-Oriented SSC Jobs in India

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The Indian government has been making a lot of efforts to improve the status of women in the country. One way they’ve done this is by making more female-oriented jobs available for recruitment. This list will cover five of the most popular female oriented jobs that are currently being advertised by SSC India.

  1. Accounts Assistant
  2. Stenographer Grade II
  3. Lower Division Clerk Grade III
  4. Radio Operator - Junior Grade I Level II
  5. Hindi Translator
  6. Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA)
  7. Data Entry Operator (DEO)
  8. Postal Assistants
  9. Assistant Manager (Banking)
  10. Assistant Manager (Telecom)

Accounts Assistant:

An accounts assistant is the person who is responsible for maintaining the accounts and records of a company. They are usually in charge of the finances, and may also be in charge of making sure that all payments are made and received.

They usually work closely with the accountant but may also be involved in other tasks like bookkeeping, payroll or taxes. Their responsibilities include:

  • Keeping accurate records of company transactions
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Doing payroll and tax calculations
  • Collecting money owed to the company

Stenographer Grade II :

Stenographers are employed in various industries such as law, business, journalism, education, government and court reporting. They may work in an office setting or they might travel to meetings or other events where they will be taking notes for others.

Stenographer Grade II is a post that is created by the SSC India. The person who gets this job will be responsible for recording proceedings in court or government offices and maintaining records. This job is a government job and hence comes with many benefits like pension, medical facilities, etc.

The stenographer grade II will also be required to type the proceedings in shorthand and maintain records electronically as well as manually. They are also responsible for typing transcripts for senior stenographers who are not present at court or in government offices.

Lower Division Clerk Grade III (LDC):

A lower division clerk is a person who performs less complicated clerical tasks.

Lower division clerks are responsible for filing and retrieving records, answering phones, taking messages, and performing other clerical tasks. They may also be responsible for maintaining office supplies and equipment.

The main responsibilities of a lower division clerk include:

  • Filing
  • Answering phones
  • Sending faxes
  • Preparing documents
  • Handling paperwork

Ministries, Defence, and other government agencies are major recruiters of Lower Division Clerks Grade III (L.D.C) after 3 to 5 years they can progress to Upper Division Clerks.

Radio Operator - Junior Grade I Level II

A junior level II radio operator is a person who operates a radio station for the purpose of sending and receiving messages. They are usually employed in military, police, or civilian organizations that use radios for communication.

The operator typically has some knowledge of electronics and the station equipment in use. Radio operators are employed where radio communication is required.

A junior level ii radio operator is an entry-level position in the field of radio operations. It is usually the first job that someone has after training as a communications specialist or other related field.

Hindi Translator:

Hindi is the most popular language in India and has been spoken by a population of about 400 million people. Hindi is also one of the two official languages in union of India which includes English and Hindi. On a state level, there are various official regional languages. In this section we will discuss about the Hindi Translator requirements for various professions.

The following are the requirements for a Hindi Translator:

  • Fluency in both English and Hindi
  • Fluency in Regional Language and Hindi
  • Expertise in regional, English and Hindi languages is required
  • Professionalism and accuracy are vital

Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA) :

The Junior Secretariat Assistant is responsible for assisting the Secretariat in various tasks and duties. The responsibilities of this job include assisting the Secretariat in preparation of documents, correspondence, and other tasks as assigned by the Secretariat.

The Junior Secretariat Assistant - JSA also assists the Secretary in managing meetings and conferences. They provide support to the Secretary in preparing agendas, minutes, and other related documents.

Junior Secretariat Assistants work in teams of three or four people and have direct contact with senior officials on a daily basis.

Data Entry Operator (DEO)

Data Entry Operators are responsible for entering data into a computer or other electronic device. They must be accurate and efficient in order to avoid errors. They also have to coordinate with other departments to ensure that their data is accurate and up-to-date. The DEO Job Profile includes the following responsibilities:

  • Entering data into a computer or other electronic device accurately and efficiently
  • Monitoring the work of others to ensure quality
  • Updating records with new information from various sources, such as reports and surveys
  • Communicating with department heads on any issues that arise

Postal Assistants :

Postal Assistants are responsible for the sorting and delivering of mail. They also work with other postal workers to ensure that the mail is delivered to its destination.

A Postal Assistant's job is to sort out the mail, deliver it, and support their fellow postal workers in the process. They are often seen as a go-between for customers who want to send a letter and those who want to receive one.

Assistant Manager (Banking):

The Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting the branch manager in all aspects of branch operations, including customer service and sales, and ensuring that customer needs are met in a timely manner.

She/ He will also provide administrative support to ensure smooth functioning of the branch.

Assistant Manager (Telecom):

The Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting the telecom manager in all aspects of telecom operations, including customer service and sales .

The Assistant Sales Manager is responsible for increasing sales in the region. The person typically works closely with the telecom managers, phone representatives, and potential customers. The Telecom Manager manages both customer service and sales operations in their region of coverage.

The person typically manages a team of telecoms representatives for their region as well as other operations such as marketing and human resources.

The SSC Jobs in India are open for everyone, but it is also true that there are many female-oriented jobs in India. These jobs provide a lot of opportunities to females. It is not just about the salary and the designation, but also about the job location.

Reading through the list of government jobs and positions for females may have given you some insights.